Arborrakes is the exclusive distributor of three fine quality European tool compainies in Australia and New Zealand. 1.Franz Jost nylon rakes from Belgium.  2. Leonhard Muller and son hand forged axes from Austria. 3. Dewit Dutch Hand tools for gardeners from Holland. As avid gardeners we saw a need in the market for better quality tools that evryone including professionals could use on a daily basis. Tools that are clever, unique in their design and light in weight. On this site you will find a small portion of tools by these companies.The Key features are: light-weight, which reduces fatigue, considerably better gliding properties due to flexible, rounded teeth, high corrosion resistance guaranteeing long service life, hand forged and clever unique designs.All of our tools are high quality, not made from recycled materials and not made in Asia. They are tough and robust practical tools.We will soon be opening a new website exclusively for Muller tools and this will include all the range of axes, splitters and hand forged tools from Austria.For Dewit Dutch Garden tools go to www.dewitaustralia.com.auIn the mean time enjoy browsing the pages of rakes and check out the videos on our site to see the rakes in action.           [ video:http: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW0PV5IxJe4 ]